zzphone a scam!

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I’ve written about zzzPhone rolling out their custom built Android Devices. And their plans to release one on 30th November. Now that we’re approaching T-Mobile G1 Android release, I kinda felt curious and searched for some alternatives, that is, those that are scheduled to be released, announced or just some pure speculation about an upcoming Android powered mobile.

I found no official announcements not even speculations. All we can tell right now is OpenHandsetAlliance groups that are device manufacturers will probably announce something.

One thing stood out through out my search, Enter ZZZPhone.


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Android Devices being assembled?

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T-Mobile preorders halted? no problemo, zzzphone’s in town! Thats right, after seeing our PC assembling units, who are now venturing into the mobile industry. This will indeed be a reality. Even I was thinking about it atleast. Why you ask? here’s why

  1. Mobile Platforms are becoming opensource and free. An already established market leader Symbian is now symbian foundation following Google’s lead. Meanwhile Microsoft is sleeping.
  2. A single Android Version can support a wide range of mobile hardware. Much like how windows behaves with PC components. 
  3. Hardware Assembly in mobiles perspective is quite complicated. You need to have a company that actually produces an FCC Compliant device. Im assuming, since most of manufacturing these days has been China, assemblers will go down to their manufacturing units and cut a deal.
  4. All one has to do is DESIGN a unique device thats got Modules like Bluetooth, GSM, wifi, output (screen) and input (touch, keypad, etc)

In theory, this is Possible! Very likely we might see a number of companies mushrooming all over in the future that “Assemble” Mobile Devices much like what PC companies did back in the day.

According to Their website www.zzzphone.com, they’ll start shipping as early as November 30 2008. 

All viewers, proceed with caution. Gearlog feels this is legit! Before you all the way for preorders, it’ll be a good idea to read reviews and what kind of “Support” this company would offer, which is still unclear.

A low end version costs around $150. 

Nevertheless, i’d say this is a welcome move. Mobile prices will go down around the world. Big hardware companies will feel the heat if they ignore this new industry trend.

heres the TV commercial

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