A perspective on Android 1.0

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Finally Android hatched out into the hands of the famous, of which IMAndroid is unfortunately not. So, we base our views and judgements by reading other prominent websites.

I’ve written before on why buy Android, Lets see how much of that is true and add anything new to it:

Here, we are going to focus only on the operating system and not the hardware device. G1 is all about Google’s Android platform and less about hardware or HTC, if it were, we probably would have a much better ergonomics!


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Google releases Android Code

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As promised, Android 1.0 version code is now out. – source.android.com

I wonder if there are any new companies that’ll come up making some custom devices. Android’s release is a significant step forward in its commitment to benefit consumers and make some profit. Google has shaken the business models around the world. Symbian foundation, formed out of android’s threat, is taking similar steps to ensure its got a future.

While Microsoft will have to make some changes or perhaps follow Android’s lead. Their already loosing ground in the webspace, If they wana stop Google from invading Mobile domination, the time is NOW to make some changes.

Not that we want them to do it, cuz we Love ANDROID! 😉

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Android and Window Mobile friends?

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Thats right, According to John Wang, CMO, High Tech Computer (HTC), Android and Windows Mobile are no foes, but friends! He re-iterated that Windows Mobile smartphones will continue to be HTC’s priority.

We can kinda agree with that to an extent. Android didnt kinda pull anything from a win mobile junkie. Its first target will be the wide casual consumers which Nokia-Symbian dominate overwhelmingly. 

HTC is the winner here.. with both Windows mobile and Android under its belly. But is it realistically sustainable? We’ll find out only after G1 hits the shelves.

[ via DigiTimes ]

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