A perspective on Android 1.0

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Finally Android hatched out into the hands of the famous, of which IMAndroid is unfortunately not. So, we base our views and judgements by reading other prominent websites.

I’ve written before on why buy Android, Lets see how much of that is true and add anything new to it:

Here, we are going to focus only on the operating system and not the hardware device. G1 is all about Google’s Android platform and less about hardware or HTC, if it were, we probably would have a much better ergonomics!


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Nokia Tube out October 2nd

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Reuters reports that Nokia is set to launch is first actual attempt at challenging iPhone, the Nokia Tube. 

“The phone is extremely important,” said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi. “We have been waiting for the market leader to respond to Apple’s iPhone for a year and a half now. There is a lot of pressure on Nokia.” 

This news is kinda important to us as Android geeks cuz of its capabilities and symbian’s leading market share. Lets wait and watch how this goes…

Demand for a touch screen phone has indeed surged. But its not just a touch screen, its the associated features – _ Multi Touch! Any device that wants to take on iPhone has to challenge it both in terms of Operating experience as well as Hardware capabilities.

[ via Reuters ]


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T-Mobile HTC Dream for $199

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Wall Street Journal reports that the first Android Powered Mobile phone brought out by T-Mobile is going for $199. Its appearently in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone interms of contract.

T-Mobile will be announcing officially on 23rd September.

[ Read ]

Whats really to point out here is if the device has been subsidized by carrier?

HTC, the Taiwanese device manufacturer, will set the price tag at its release in Gulf, Asia. An iPhone in India 8GB costs 31,000 RS. It is incredibly overpriced. Vodafone and Airtel, carriers, probably wanted to sweep the creamy layer first  followed by real market value price cuts. Price cuts arent announced yet, but we should see some change in Q1 2009.


Android would enter India as well as Gulf countries as a GSM mobile device, unlocked! ( this is just speculation by me based on market trends here)

Android Phones should be less expensive than Windows Mobile Devices and Symbian due to the very nature of open free software. How big will be the difference? We should know when other OHA members release their tigers!

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HTC “DREAM” rolls up its FCC

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As much as we’d hate these “unnecessary” preparatory procedures, whether it be testing for bugs, vulnerabilities.. or simply throwing it on the shelves, T-Mobile and HTC are indeed teaming up, as speculated, to launch the first Android powered mobile phone in the US Market.

Codenamed HTC Dream is a full Touch screen device with a fullsize qwerty keyboard, according to FCC submitted paper, a little less taller than iPhone ( not a thinner as we;d hoped!)

Nevertheless, It remains to see what other Manufacturers are prepping for utilising this potential iPhone Killer app. Im more interested to see some smartphone mobile devices ( those without huge qwerty). It should be interesting to see how Android perphones on an average hardware device. With HTC already tried out a windows smartphone  clamshell – HTC Startrek, which seemed more like a test device.. we can safely assume that HTC will injure or atleast pinch the Nokia-Symbian Combination in the future.

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