Android Smartphone anybody?

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Whats the matter with other OHA Hardware manufacturers? All we’ve seen/heard about android and related is all about HTC Dream or G1. Sure samsung and LG might follow soon but why not see throw some light out? First android device has alot of potential commercially. And its times like these when manufacturers should comeout with some prototype or I could be wrong!??

Take a look at this Test Device

This picture cameout earlier during one of Google’s promotions. Now compare this (what some call Texas Instruments Device) with the rumored HTC Dream. Im all about smartphones, those without touchscreen or stylus and this would have been a perfect buy for me!

Android hasnt proved yet its abilites to the business enterprise users. Target users look alot nonspecific and diffuse. Google is probably hoping to answer all critics through its release.

Come on Samsung, roll out a smartphone for me! 😉

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Dream Pix, Uk release November

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Great news for Android Fans, maybe updates have come out the past 2 weeks. 

HTC Dream – First Android Phone, is suggested to debut in November through T-Mobile in UK as reported by Device has a pretty good screen with a slide out qwerty keyboard.

Its probably safe to assume that this device is grabbing massive attention only as a first ever Android OS mobile phone. I find it very ugly, bulky, boring. HTC seems confused as to who its prime target is. Its not the youth, students, IPhone sweeped it completely.  As much as touchscreen is the new mantra.. there are still normal folks out there who desire a good Mobile OS in a non touch screen device and for such market, only Nokia-Symbian combination was a real alternative. Iphone seems to have taken a slice of it. For now, HTC Dream seems a Dream only of Tech Enthusiasts ( like me ) and corporates.

Im more interested to see how an Android powered Smartphone (without touchscreen) would challenge Nokia-Symbian. I guess we’ll have to wait till Q1 2009 for some real Android Releases.

Other updates:

Android App store: seems similar to iPhone’s Appz store.

Google’s New Chrome browser.. will probably make it to Android.

In other top stories:

Google has started scanning newspapers which our great grand dadys’ read back in the day news Archives. Its gonna have All vintage collection, crosswords, illustrations etc..   Google says its part of their mission to “organise world’s infromation” or what we thing.. “Kill everyone with our google tag” mission!

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