A perspective on Android 1.0

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Finally Android hatched out into the hands of the famous, of which IMAndroid is unfortunately not. So, we base our views and judgements by reading other prominent websites.

I’ve written before on why buy Android, Lets see how much of that is true and add anything new to it:

Here, we are going to focus only on the operating system and not the hardware device. G1 is all about Google’s Android platform and less about hardware or HTC, if it were, we probably would have a much better ergonomics!


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T-Mobile G1 Unboxing Shots

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TmoNews has yet again succeeded in getting something we love. The Glorious Unboxing shots of the upcoming T-Mobile G1, scheduled to hit the shelves on 22nd October.

The unboxing pics are pretty much self explainable. The thing I was interested in was the headphones. The ear buds are pretty much like what I anticipated from all other HTC phones, they suck!! not comfortable at all. 

[ Read and Watch more here ]

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Android and Window Mobile friends?

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Thats right, According to John Wang, CMO, High Tech Computer (HTC), Android and Windows Mobile are no foes, but friends! He re-iterated that Windows Mobile smartphones will continue to be HTC’s priority.

We can kinda agree with that to an extent. Android didnt kinda pull anything from a win mobile junkie. Its first target will be the wide casual consumers which Nokia-Symbian dominate overwhelmingly. 

HTC is the winner here.. with both Windows mobile and Android under its belly. But is it realistically sustainable? We’ll find out only after G1 hits the shelves.

[ via DigiTimes ]

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T-Mobile G1 Android Initial thoughts

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All websites supporting or talking Android Mobile Operating system witnessed huge webhits on 23rd September 2008. For IMAndroid, it was 9 fold increase in webtraffic. That was the impact of the Launch of T-Mobile’s G1 powered by android. Clearly Anticiptaion and Expectations are all there. I’d like here to focus on the G1 Device itself more than Android as the secrets out. We havent had the chance to play with it, but we’ll quote some people who did and we’ll examine what we thought of the videos.

Lets dance..

HARDWARE: initial thoughts

A device as big as this, first thing you’ll obviously notice is the screen. 
3.2-inch TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive screen with 320 x 480 (HVGA) resolution
Lets Trust Phandroid.com here who say 

The resolution and quality on the screen seemed pretty amazing. From the default G1home screens to web browsing, the screen was very crisp and clear… a HUGE plus. This will be even more important when you’re using games, maps and applications on a daily basis. But my first experience with the screen was that it ROCKED

Touch Screen: I’ve watching the Browsing experience on “Chrome Lite”, I have to say that the response isnt as brisk as the iPhone’s, its certainly lagging behind a milisecond. This is in now way a reflection on the touch screen, its just a measure of backend response time. And bear in mind, i could be completely wrong here! Cuz i’ve had no hands-on experience.

Keyboard: Full Qwerty Slide out? T-Mobile/HTC have fulfilled our desires to continue to have some tactile sensation. However, phandroid says its not the best keyboard. And we’ll take their word for it!

RoundUP: Device looks a lot slick. Alot better than those glorious spy shots/videos we’ve been living on. Black color looks ok, equally the white one.

We’ll lay more stress in this section later.
AmazonMP3 takes on iTunes. Its a challenge that Apple shouldnt ignore.
Google Goodies. 



  1. Why do we gotta have a gmail account signed in? Critics call it yet another step by google to get personal with us.
  2. No Bluetooth stereo support. Theres no excuse for this. I cant believe why wouldnt HTC put it in. Its not like G1 is a record breaking tiny smartphone.
  3. Device Organics. HTC made touch diamond. I think its focus group is to be blamed here! 😉 But other sites seem to suggest it aint as bad as it looks.
  4. No 3.5mm Jack. Yet another blow….  I used HTC StrTrek windows smartphone. It also had a propriety all in one socket, lasted for abt 7 months, and collapsed completely. Hence this HTC  propriety input sock scares me.

  Anything more you can add..?

[ Quotes from phandroid ]

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Why buy T-Mobile G1 Android?

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this article has been moved to http://imandroid.org/2008/09/22/why-buy-t-mobile-g1-android/ , please check it there…

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T-Mobile Employees receive ‘shhhh’ email

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T-Mobile sends out email to its employees to restrain from answering on any rumors/speculations concerning its latest offering HTC’s G1 powered by Android mobile operating system. 

email reads

  • Let customers know information announcing pre-sale, launch dates or details of a T-Mobile device running on the android platform is speculation only.
  • Inform customers that more information on the device will be available on September 23.
Basically they dont want us to believe that we could actually buy one of those cool OS in ugly device in October. By this email, theyre actually scaring/fueling to a new rumor (at this time) that the device might not arrive until the holiday season! 
[ credit ]
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Android G1 in the wild?

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A blogger has posted these images on his blog, claiming he’s got some insider source in Google! We wont refute or agree to that, we’ll only enjoy the pictures he’s published!



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T-Mobile HTC Dream for $199

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Wall Street Journal reports that the first Android Powered Mobile phone brought out by T-Mobile is going for $199. Its appearently in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone interms of contract.

T-Mobile will be announcing officially on 23rd September.

[ Read ]

Whats really to point out here is if the device has been subsidized by carrier?

HTC, the Taiwanese device manufacturer, will set the price tag at its release in Gulf, Asia. An iPhone in India 8GB costs 31,000 RS. It is incredibly overpriced. Vodafone and Airtel, carriers, probably wanted to sweep the creamy layer first  followed by real market value price cuts. Price cuts arent announced yet, but we should see some change in Q1 2009.


Android would enter India as well as Gulf countries as a GSM mobile device, unlocked! ( this is just speculation by me based on market trends here)

Android Phones should be less expensive than Windows Mobile Devices and Symbian due to the very nature of open free software. How big will be the difference? We should know when other OHA members release their tigers!

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Android T-Mobile Launch now Official: 23 September

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Gizmodo says T-Mobile Confirms the rumor, 23rd September will be the day when Google and T-Mobile will reveal Android OS 1.0 Platform and the HTC Device ( Dream/G1). Make schedules, plans and let the world know that

Android begins on 23rd September 2008 10.30 AM.

Read –

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Android Smartphone anybody?

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Whats the matter with other OHA Hardware manufacturers? All we’ve seen/heard about android and related is all about HTC Dream or G1. Sure samsung and LG might follow soon but why not see throw some light out? First android device has alot of potential commercially. And its times like these when manufacturers should comeout with some prototype or I could be wrong!??

Take a look at this Test Device

This picture cameout earlier during one of Google’s promotions. Now compare this (what some call Texas Instruments Device) with the rumored HTC Dream. Im all about smartphones, those without touchscreen or stylus and this would have been a perfect buy for me!

Android hasnt proved yet its abilites to the business enterprise users. Target users look alot nonspecific and diffuse. Google is probably hoping to answer all critics through its release.

Come on Samsung, roll out a smartphone for me! 😉

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