T-Mobile G1 Unlocked!

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This article is officially at  http://imandroid.org/2008/10/29/t-mobile-g1-unlocked/ please check there..

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EA shells out 2 Games for Android

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Electronic Arts, world’s leading game developers, have shelled out 2 games for Android – G1. The games are Tetris and Monopoly here & now. The games are on sale at its flagship store – eamobile.com

[Thanks TalkAndroid for the heads up ]

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Security Flaw in Android

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Charles A. Miller is once again the man here. You might recall a guy winning $10,000 for taking over MacBook Air via a vulnerability in Safari browser at a recent security contest.

“Serious Flaw” has been detected in Android release version ( that comes in G1).


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Hop-on turns Android?

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The Hop-on company may soon announce their support for Android by releasing devices next year as reported by AndroidCommunity. Official announcement probably in January 2009 at CES.

Hop-on is known for their inexpensive services counting more on Mobile Gaming. It makes sense, considering Android is OPEN SOURCE and FREE

check out http://www.hop-on.com

[via Androidcommunity and AndroidAuthority ]

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A perspective on Android 1.0

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Finally Android hatched out into the hands of the famous, of which IMAndroid is unfortunately not. So, we base our views and judgements by reading other prominent websites.

I’ve written before on why buy Android, Lets see how much of that is true and add anything new to it:

Here, we are going to focus only on the operating system and not the hardware device. G1 is all about Google’s Android platform and less about hardware or HTC, if it were, we probably would have a much better ergonomics!


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GMail Mobile 2.0 with Offline Support

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Since the T-Mobile G1 launch, google’s been busy, releasing patches, advertising it, throwing a roadmap that includes a potential onscreen keyboard.

Well, here comes the GMail Mobile 2.0! now with OFFLINE Support

A welcome add-on indeed. Many of us suffer from such periodic disconnections, either on Subway, a short flight, or just going on a field trip!

Apart from this, here are some more changes

  • Multiple Account Support – sweet!
  • Overall performance improvement
  • Basic Offline support
  • Shortcut keys
  • Save multiple email drafts

Via – Official Google Mobile Blog

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Google releases Android Code

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As promised, Android 1.0 version code is now out. – source.android.com

I wonder if there are any new companies that’ll come up making some custom devices. Android’s release is a significant step forward in its commitment to benefit consumers and make some profit. Google has shaken the business models around the world. Symbian foundation, formed out of android’s threat, is taking similar steps to ensure its got a future.

While Microsoft will have to make some changes or perhaps follow Android’s lead. Their already loosing ground in the webspace, If they wana stop Google from invading Mobile domination, the time is NOW to make some changes.

Not that we want them to do it, cuz we Love ANDROID! 😉

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zzphone a scam!

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this article has been moved to http://imandroid.org/2008/10/15/zzphone-a-scam/ , please check it there…

I’ve written about zzzPhone rolling out their custom built Android Devices. And their plans to release one on 30th November. Now that we’re approaching T-Mobile G1 Android release, I kinda felt curious and searched for some alternatives, that is, those that are scheduled to be released, announced or just some pure speculation about an upcoming Android powered mobile.

I found no official announcements not even speculations. All we can tell right now is OpenHandsetAlliance groups that are device manufacturers will probably announce something.

One thing stood out through out my search, Enter ZZZPhone.


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Multiplayer Online game coming to Android

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I’m tired of World of Warcraft ( I cant believe I said that, probably to grab your attention!) , sitting on my sofa and playing it like no tomorrow! I need something different!

We’re heading into a world where PCs will be reduced to portable Mobile devices (about which I’ll have an article soon) and this calls for a change.

Enter into Parallel Kingdom! This new game is exploiting into a virtually empty space in mobile game industry where your move abouts in the real world actually have something to do with the game.

Their  blog writes

Parallel Kingdom uses location-based features to place the virtual world over the real world, where you can kill creatures, collect gold, and destroy your friends.

Im still not exactly sure what we are supposed to do in this game! I’ll have to experience it. From the looks of it, Parallel Kingdom is based completely on the location based services of your iPhone, iPod, Android – GPS but appears to have ignored their graphic capabilities. I mean com’on! We could have a much better game design other than just laying out maps slapped with icons. Nonetheless, Parallel Kingdom is still in beta stage and deserves to be recognized for its promising concept. It can spark a whole new range of games in this “location based” category.

And its game-network combines iPhone, iPod, Android. In other words, if you see a lot of players in your area rest assured, they’re all Apple eaters or Googlers!

Release date : 31st October 2008.

[ via Mixx ]

ps: for some reason, im reminded of an episode of CSI:NY!  and now its scaring me

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Android Devices being assembled?

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T-Mobile preorders halted? no problemo, zzzphone’s in town! Thats right, after seeing our PC assembling units, who are now venturing into the mobile industry. This will indeed be a reality. Even I was thinking about it atleast. Why you ask? here’s why

  1. Mobile Platforms are becoming opensource and free. An already established market leader Symbian is now symbian foundation following Google’s lead. Meanwhile Microsoft is sleeping.
  2. A single Android Version can support a wide range of mobile hardware. Much like how windows behaves with PC components. 
  3. Hardware Assembly in mobiles perspective is quite complicated. You need to have a company that actually produces an FCC Compliant device. Im assuming, since most of manufacturing these days has been China, assemblers will go down to their manufacturing units and cut a deal.
  4. All one has to do is DESIGN a unique device thats got Modules like Bluetooth, GSM, wifi, output (screen) and input (touch, keypad, etc)

In theory, this is Possible! Very likely we might see a number of companies mushrooming all over in the future that “Assemble” Mobile Devices much like what PC companies did back in the day.

According to Their website www.zzzphone.com, they’ll start shipping as early as November 30 2008. 

All viewers, proceed with caution. Gearlog feels this is legit! Before you all the way for preorders, it’ll be a good idea to read reviews and what kind of “Support” this company would offer, which is still unclear.

A low end version costs around $150. 

Nevertheless, i’d say this is a welcome move. Mobile prices will go down around the world. Big hardware companies will feel the heat if they ignore this new industry trend.

heres the TV commercial

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