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Just when we think .. “okay.. Google cant get bigger than this”, Google actually does get bigger! Now with its beta release of the new internet browser Google Chrome. Based on Apple’s Open source development kit – webkit. What possible reasons you might wonder for google’s entry into this space.   Google is actively trying to reach out in every space thats got anything to do with internet, browsing, experience.. etc

One prime reason is obviously to provide better, enhanced web experience and the other should be revenues which is surely through advertising.

I remember watching an interview of Bill Gates on NDTV in which is says

a new company comes up that people say that now is the end of microsoft.. and everytime we rise and say.. nope, not this time..    it seems this time its google.

Amm.. Microsoft is doing great everywhere.. but its getting asskicked by google when you talk abt internet!.

Lets take a look at what spaces Google’s Covered :

  • Publishing ads on websites: well known leader : Adwords & Adsense
  • Internet Search Engine : Google practically dictates terms in area. Webmasters often steer their websites considering and applying all features that help its rankings in Google search. Ads are displayed here too!
  • There are 2 sources of internet browsing these days :  Personal Computers and Mobiles.
  • Personal Computers: with the launch of google Chrome, with its new commendable features like “desktop shortcuts” googles gonna probably give a rough time to Firefox. We should expect google in incorporate some sort of its advertising in future versions.. by which I dont mean adding ads in the browser itself, but making it more accessible to them..
  • MOBILES: ANDROID! nuff said! .. Google will start generating revenues from this in no time! Ads make all the difference
  • Google Services like Google-analytics and Google Apps have been received well by most webmasters with prominent websites like facebook, wordpress availing it. Google Apps – Google Docs and GMAIL have started some unique services for corporates, schools handling important operations of creating documents, editing, storage etc..
  • Picasa : the Photo storage site
  • Orkut : social networking site which is very very popular in Asia.

Now … CONSOLIDATION is the word that describes this. Google, by providing better webbased services and enhanced experience, is slowly eliminating the need for an Operating System with software which we couldnt live without before!

Can anyone come up with an internet area that Google hasent crawled yet?? leave a comment

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