iMAndroid has MOVED

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iMANDROID has moved…

Please visit http://imandroid.org

We’ll continue to see you there!

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HP making its own OS?

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Engadget  talks about HP funding its research team to create its own Operating System. Businessweek reports that some people “exploring the possibility of building a mass-market operating system”. Even if this has a lil pinch of truth in it, its probably in the preliminary baby stage. Phil McKinney – CTO at HP rubbishes the idea of creating an linux based OS, and says it “makes no sense”

Vista dominates the world today! the next OSs you can think of is MacOS and Linux. Many challengers came out like BeOS etc, but it wasnt developed as the Vista. 

With OpenHandsetAlliance About to complete its Android Operating System headed by Google, depending on what course it takes, it’ll be interested to see what kind of support it gets, will it actually be able to challenge other mobile platforms for real. Some Analysts think that this project would vanish and disappear sooner or later and some believe its gonna spread like wildfire. 

The question is, is there any space for a new Computer Operating System? OpenSource? based on similar grounds as the OHA group? It wouldnt fly!! but it could certainly have an start! The thing is, its has to be able to challenge Vista, Mac in all fields  at launch! – like graphics support, Internet experience, UI etc.. and for that an International Alliance is certain!

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Android SDK

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The android sdk has been out for a while now, at this stage, im checking out its web capabilities.. and really guyz, the possibilities are endless! I’ve been interested in creating a Medical database (PDA) for medical students. I’ve already designed the website, database. My aim is to make it very compatible with a mobile phone. Im looking forward to make it an App for android. though since its web-based, can be done for other mobile platforms aswell!

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New App Database

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Now since i develop appz for android and i look for other examples, and new appz released for android, i see that there isnt a place where we could find all applications/demos etc..  and for that, i wish to make a supplement site as a database  for android applications.


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new fan site..

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This is the new fan site dedicated to the latest news/updates dedicated to the new Android OS by Google and OpenHandsetAlliance- OHA which is sure to take the world by storm due to its “Open” platform image!.


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