iMAndroid has MOVED

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iMANDROID has moved…

Please visit http://imandroid.org

We’ll continue to see you there!

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T-Mobile G1 Unlocked!

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This article is officially at  http://imandroid.org/2008/10/29/t-mobile-g1-unlocked/ please check there..

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Security Flaw in Android

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Charles A. Miller is once again the man here. You might recall a guy winning $10,000 for taking over MacBook Air via a vulnerability in Safari browser at a recent security contest.

“Serious Flaw” has been detected in Android release version ( that comes in G1).


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Europe Sees Android and HTC Dream?

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A huge crowd at London’s Wembley stadium gets first live experience with Google’s upcoming mobile operating system – Android on the device that looks like HTC device suggested codename Dream / G1 at the Google Developer Day 2008.

The conference covered much of Google’s projects and involvements like OpenSocial, Google Geo, Gears, Google Docs – Google Visualisation API, AJAX specfic developments.

Mike Jenning, head of Android OS development at Google, introduced  an unsuspecting crowd their first live European Demonstration of Android. He demonstrated Google Maps on the device. Videos look decent and pretty swift. Android SDK was also talked about!

The videos reveal nothing more than what we already know / seen in the leaked stuff. The revelation for us, Non-developers, is the device used for the demo. PC Pro says

far more polished” than it did in earlier leaked videos, and that by all accounts it was actually a “finished commercial device”

This brings joy, eternal happiness to my mind with a forced angered acceptance of the Device! I absolutely cannot believe HOW, WHY, WHO approved this wierd looking pulp as final finished electronic art. The focus group at HTC has got some aesthetic issues. Nevertheless, that isnt stopping us from getting one is it?

TechRadar points out:

Jennings explained that Android is designed to be a full platform, not just ‘Ajax on a phone.’ The SDK emulates an Arm 11 CPU for easier application development. “Can it be used on any embedded device?” Jennings was asked. “Why not?” he replied.

We all know what that means, Android could be seen on some already existing devices, all we need are hacks which im pretty sure will arrive when they should.

Stay tuned, Android’s buzzing everywhere!

[ via PC Pro ]

[ via TechRadar ]

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Security hole in Android

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Yess, as if windows wasnt enough, A cool security hole has been detected in Android Mobile Platform that reveals your complete “Google credentials”. Obviously its the pre-release version that has been detected with this bug and ofcourse is out there for everyone to see in its beta form.

The credentials stated is the information entered in Google Talk application which via another query can be exploited to reveal information in plain text.

Ta ta ta ta.. lets not blllooow… this outa proportion ( author says that in “The Joker” Style which is impossible to replicate). Android remains in beta stage. Development is On.. HTC is coming up soon.

Even if its in Beta Stage, the fact that its Open Source, brings a variety of threats.
The Base Application developers need to make a very secure practical platform. Nevertheless, We’ll reserve our judgement until after the Official launch which shouldnt be too far.
[ via Mr. Srinivas ]

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