iMAndroid has MOVED

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iMANDROID has moved…

Please visit

We’ll continue to see you there!

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Security Flaw in Android

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Charles A. Miller is once again the man here. You might recall a guy winning $10,000 for taking over MacBook Air via a vulnerability in Safari browser at a recent security contest.

“Serious Flaw” has been detected in Android release version ( that comes in G1).


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A perspective on Android 1.0

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Finally Android hatched out into the hands of the famous, of which IMAndroid is unfortunately not. So, we base our views and judgements by reading other prominent websites.

I’ve written before on why buy Android, Lets see how much of that is true and add anything new to it:

Here, we are going to focus only on the operating system and not the hardware device. G1 is all about Google’s Android platform and less about hardware or HTC, if it were, we probably would have a much better ergonomics!


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Google releases Android Code

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As promised, Android 1.0 version code is now out. –

I wonder if there are any new companies that’ll come up making some custom devices. Android’s release is a significant step forward in its commitment to benefit consumers and make some profit. Google has shaken the business models around the world. Symbian foundation, formed out of android’s threat, is taking similar steps to ensure its got a future.

While Microsoft will have to make some changes or perhaps follow Android’s lead. Their already loosing ground in the webspace, If they wana stop Google from invading Mobile domination, the time is NOW to make some changes.

Not that we want them to do it, cuz we Love ANDROID! 😉

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Multiplayer Online game coming to Android

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I’m tired of World of Warcraft ( I cant believe I said that, probably to grab your attention!) , sitting on my sofa and playing it like no tomorrow! I need something different!

We’re heading into a world where PCs will be reduced to portable Mobile devices (about which I’ll have an article soon) and this calls for a change.

Enter into Parallel Kingdom! This new game is exploiting into a virtually empty space in mobile game industry where your move abouts in the real world actually have something to do with the game.

Their  blog writes

Parallel Kingdom uses location-based features to place the virtual world over the real world, where you can kill creatures, collect gold, and destroy your friends.

Im still not exactly sure what we are supposed to do in this game! I’ll have to experience it. From the looks of it, Parallel Kingdom is based completely on the location based services of your iPhone, iPod, Android – GPS but appears to have ignored their graphic capabilities. I mean com’on! We could have a much better game design other than just laying out maps slapped with icons. Nonetheless, Parallel Kingdom is still in beta stage and deserves to be recognized for its promising concept. It can spark a whole new range of games in this “location based” category.

And its game-network combines iPhone, iPod, Android. In other words, if you see a lot of players in your area rest assured, they’re all Apple eaters or Googlers!

Release date : 31st October 2008.

[ via Mixx ]

ps: for some reason, im reminded of an episode of CSI:NY!  and now its scaring me

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Android Devices being assembled?

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T-Mobile preorders halted? no problemo, zzzphone’s in town! Thats right, after seeing our PC assembling units, who are now venturing into the mobile industry. This will indeed be a reality. Even I was thinking about it atleast. Why you ask? here’s why

  1. Mobile Platforms are becoming opensource and free. An already established market leader Symbian is now symbian foundation following Google’s lead. Meanwhile Microsoft is sleeping.
  2. A single Android Version can support a wide range of mobile hardware. Much like how windows behaves with PC components. 
  3. Hardware Assembly in mobiles perspective is quite complicated. You need to have a company that actually produces an FCC Compliant device. Im assuming, since most of manufacturing these days has been China, assemblers will go down to their manufacturing units and cut a deal.
  4. All one has to do is DESIGN a unique device thats got Modules like Bluetooth, GSM, wifi, output (screen) and input (touch, keypad, etc)

In theory, this is Possible! Very likely we might see a number of companies mushrooming all over in the future that “Assemble” Mobile Devices much like what PC companies did back in the day.

According to Their website, they’ll start shipping as early as November 30 2008. 

All viewers, proceed with caution. Gearlog feels this is legit! Before you all the way for preorders, it’ll be a good idea to read reviews and what kind of “Support” this company would offer, which is still unclear.

A low end version costs around $150. 

Nevertheless, i’d say this is a welcome move. Mobile prices will go down around the world. Big hardware companies will feel the heat if they ignore this new industry trend.

heres the TV commercial

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T-Mobile G1 Android – the BAD

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Okay, so we’ve all seen the launch, we’ve waited for that moment for months. We watched every webcast that went live at the New York T-Mobile Launch of Android G1. We replayed every video showing the device in action and finally we’ve read every piece of news artical floating around. 

Its safe to assume that we have a pretty good idea of what G1 is all about. Its all great selling points, targets, T-Mobile data plans etc.. 

In this artical lets highlight some issues or potential troubling factors about this HTC manufactured Device. In other words, lets have some criticism! There can never be a perfect device and there better not be one!

We’ll list out the cons spread from superficial to deep. 

Device I guess its Okay, that wer getting this HTC phone that we saw many many months ago when android was a neonate and the device was a prototype. And after its launch, little has changed in the device or nothing has changed in the device. I wonder what HTC did other than having it out in 3 colors: black, white and dark brown.  Still I CAN LIVE WITH THIS

SCREEN: is no multitouch screen. Its been what? maybe two years since Apple iPhone’s out with its multitouch screen? And a year later, that tech is incorporated into its MacBook line ups (MBP and MBA). One would have certainly expected some similar technology. Still I CAN LIVE WITH THIS 

Aesthetics: Yea, we’ve been over this again and agan that HTC could’ve made a better looking device bla bla etc.. etc.. iPhone takes a bigger lead here. says that device is actually alot nicer hands-on. But its a very lazy attempt at what could have been a powerful selling point being the _F_I_R_S_T_ ever Android Device. To a broader audience, organics are counted. STILL I CAN LIVE WITH THIS

HTC Propriety Jack. Lets face the truth here, HTC’s proprieties have been a mess, faced strong criticism from across the board. Uncountable complains. They call it HTC ExtUSB™ (11-pin mini-USB 2.0 and audio jack in one) [ source ]. My last worst experience with these proprieties was in HTC StrTrek which had all-in-one socket after 5months of use got loose and detached. BUT the name HTC ExtUSB seems new, maybe they’ve got something more stable here.. ( I dont know yet ) CANNOT LIVE WITH THIS

3.5mm AudioJack. Absence of which would be a problem for music lovers. However, there will be converters. Their function eventually goes back to patency of HTC Propriety Jack. STILL I CAN LIVE WITH THIS 


ANDROID  software problems I CAN LIVE WITH only because PlayStation 2 did what it did not because of Sony but because of third-party developers. Similar terms i stated earlier, android’s basic principles are what developers dream of.


  • No Video Player except YouTube. Is this simply to promote youtube? I dont know what you call a smartphone that lacks a First-party video playback app in 2008. Ofcourse developers are there to save us. But I rather have them not fill in the blanks, but create their own better space.
  • Locked to T-Mobile. It will be locked for 90 days after which customers will receive their unlocking code. This is clever on T-Mobile’s part. They realised that with an operating system like android, they dont wana provoke  developers. They’ll probably unlock it in weeks of its launch.
  • Sync Appz: None from the production house. But some are developing it. One of the problems ppl are gonna face is tethering it to your laptop to use internet. People in subways might need emergencies, like work on their ssh apps etc.. They’ll miss being able to use their mobiles as modems. ( DEPENDS ON YOUR JOB. Its a Problem You can/cannot live with!
Finally, something I Definitely CANNOT LIVE WITH.

Mats Lindoff, Sony Ericsson’s chief technology architect, said that the firm had been testing Android with prototype devices, and that Google’s was a ” holistic” approach.

“[But] to go with mass production and working with prototypes are two different things,” he explained. “If you want to give every service away to Google, then Android is the perfect solution.”

That statement [ via Yahoo News ] says it all in one line. Yess, Android is Open, but whats this about google trying to lock us into  all its services. Appearently, any new gmail account login would require hard-reset. This will be strongly retaliated by coding community and chances are,  they’ll win!


To summerise, G1 couldve been a better device. We dont expect android to have every tiny feature but we  do desire some native first-party apps that are necessary like an independent video player. Keep in mind, Google will keep something for a future update. I’ve deliberatly not included things like dataplan criticisms cuz this artical is more abt HTC-Android than T-Mobile. 

What’s more?

One things sure though, Android WILL Indeed Conquer a huge chuck out of the Nokia-Symbian combination. Nokia is known for its Non-touchscreen smartphones dominate in numbers around the world. Once other Device manufacturers tap into that space, we’ll see our android blazing through….    unless ofcourse Symbian-foundation does something even more radical 😉

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T-Mobile G1 Android Initial thoughts

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All websites supporting or talking Android Mobile Operating system witnessed huge webhits on 23rd September 2008. For IMAndroid, it was 9 fold increase in webtraffic. That was the impact of the Launch of T-Mobile’s G1 powered by android. Clearly Anticiptaion and Expectations are all there. I’d like here to focus on the G1 Device itself more than Android as the secrets out. We havent had the chance to play with it, but we’ll quote some people who did and we’ll examine what we thought of the videos.

Lets dance..

HARDWARE: initial thoughts

A device as big as this, first thing you’ll obviously notice is the screen. 
3.2-inch TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive screen with 320 x 480 (HVGA) resolution
Lets Trust here who say 

The resolution and quality on the screen seemed pretty amazing. From the default G1home screens to web browsing, the screen was very crisp and clear… a HUGE plus. This will be even more important when you’re using games, maps and applications on a daily basis. But my first experience with the screen was that it ROCKED

Touch Screen: I’ve watching the Browsing experience on “Chrome Lite”, I have to say that the response isnt as brisk as the iPhone’s, its certainly lagging behind a milisecond. This is in now way a reflection on the touch screen, its just a measure of backend response time. And bear in mind, i could be completely wrong here! Cuz i’ve had no hands-on experience.

Keyboard: Full Qwerty Slide out? T-Mobile/HTC have fulfilled our desires to continue to have some tactile sensation. However, phandroid says its not the best keyboard. And we’ll take their word for it!

RoundUP: Device looks a lot slick. Alot better than those glorious spy shots/videos we’ve been living on. Black color looks ok, equally the white one.

We’ll lay more stress in this section later.
AmazonMP3 takes on iTunes. Its a challenge that Apple shouldnt ignore.
Google Goodies. 



  1. Why do we gotta have a gmail account signed in? Critics call it yet another step by google to get personal with us.
  2. No Bluetooth stereo support. Theres no excuse for this. I cant believe why wouldnt HTC put it in. Its not like G1 is a record breaking tiny smartphone.
  3. Device Organics. HTC made touch diamond. I think its focus group is to be blamed here! 😉 But other sites seem to suggest it aint as bad as it looks.
  4. No 3.5mm Jack. Yet another blow….  I used HTC StrTrek windows smartphone. It also had a propriety all in one socket, lasted for abt 7 months, and collapsed completely. Hence this HTC  propriety input sock scares me.

  Anything more you can add..?

[ Quotes from phandroid ]

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Secrets Out! T-Mobile G1 hitting stores on 22nd Oct

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Yep! T-Mobile Is hitting the stores on 22nd Oct.

The press conference confirmed information by Tmo, Engadget .. cheers guys 🙂

CHeck out the video

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T-Mobile G1 Android Official Shots

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T-Mobile Official shots! Massive shoutouts to TmoWorld. They uncovered alot of details, here they are:


One-click Google search and easy access to all Google Applications – Quick and easy access to the Internet in one click. One touch access to Google applications:
Maps (including satellite, traffic and street views)
Google Talk

Size–4.6 x 2.16 x 0.63 in
Weight–5.6 ounces
Display–65K color screen, HVGA (480×320)
Talk Time–5 hours
Standby Time–130 hours

Expandable up to 8 gig memory…

No stereo bluetooth.

Gmail account required to sign in and use, no corporate access email available.

There is a required data plan associated with this device; it will not work without the data plan active, sorry no prepay.

GPS is confirmed. No video capture. 3.1 mp camera.


[ head over to TmoNews ]

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