zzphone a scam!

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this article has been moved to http://imandroid.org/2008/10/15/zzphone-a-scam/ , please check it there…

I’ve written about zzzPhone rolling out their custom built Android Devices. And their plans to release one on 30th November. Now that we’re approaching T-Mobile G1 Android release, I kinda felt curious and searched for some alternatives, that is, those that are scheduled to be released, announced or just some pure speculation about an upcoming Android powered mobile.

I found no official announcements not even speculations. All we can tell right now is OpenHandsetAlliance groups that are device manufacturers will probably announce something.

One thing stood out through out my search, Enter ZZZPhone.

I’ve searched about zzzphone pretty extensively and found no conclusive evidence  about it being legit. Mobility site says its a scam. I don’t know HOW I MISSED this.

  • zzzphone’s website does not talk about components/modules their using in their custom devices
  • Youtube, where mobiles from around the world are seen, has no clear unquestionable review of zzzphone that was supposed to carry windows mobile. There are two videos and i’m sure you’ll find something fishy
  • Absolutely no reviews, reports by famous blogs, e-magazines – Engadget, pcmag, infosyncworld etc.
  • One of their addons is a gold plated device and something – diamond studded thing that costs a whopping $22,500. This is simply outrageous! Ever heard of a new assembling company thinking along the lines of a Vertu?
  • ZZZPHONE, the name?? what were they thinking. I can get better names than those!
  • A comment at the above mentioned mobility site’s page claims it to be legit as he’s the reseller and also reports as early as march 08, that their coming out with Android. Sadly, his website – http://www.customiseaphone.com has only a logo. duhh!

AndroidGuys had an article with an interview with an executive of Unified Telecommunications ( US zzzphone reseller ). They were asked to order a phone if they wanted to see it. Even if you consider the fact that you need to order to get it because of its “custom” nature, its foolish from a consumer point of view to place an order without ANY EVIDENCE of its existance.

You dont even see an aggressive marketing campaign with pictures, videos, more specifics .. none… considering your gonna roll it out on November 30th.

Hence, I consider this a scam, until proven otherwise. I hope im proved wrong cum this november. Cuz the very idea is revolutionary in theory but may be a little impractical in mobile space.
Anyone with any info drop in a msg.


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6 Responses to “zzphone a scam!”

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We wanted to see a demo unit of one and were told that we could meet them somewhere and he’d let me play with one. GIMME A BREAK.

After that initial conversation with Unified, I felt like they were misrepresenting themselves an awful lot. I won’t even talk about them on AndroidGuys any longer.

Scott Webster | AndroidGuys

Absolutely Scott. I actually took them seriously a couple of weeks ago. It was yesturday that I returned to their site for any updates and things became clearer then.

The funny thing was the whole theory behind it. “Innovators from US went down to China and making in some factory” haha..


I think its real. I have spent time looking into it and there seem to be a lot of people with the phones. At the same time there are defiantly some things i am uncertain of. First most people are saying the phones do not run on the os that they are supposed to (Windows Mobile or Android). Also the website does not seem very professional. I believe that the phones are real, but think there have been some problems. I don’t think i will buy one yet but hopefully in the near future i will have the confidence in them to do so.

Hi alex,
I’d like to draw your attention to the website http://imandroid.org .. we moved there..

Hey Guys,
I know the story about this service pretty well. Larry Horowitz, the founder, is a businessman who has been living in China since the 60’s. He has a real estate corporation, and he had the idea of building a custom phone for his agents. After that, the idea of zzzPhone came out. They have been running through a bunch of problems. And their marketing skills are nule. But i ordered my phone (the 1.1 version) and I eventually received it. And it works simply great. My conclusions overall are that their company is not well organized. But their idea is brilliant and the product itself works 😉 So i’m giving them another try.
It’s definitely NOT a scam, but their business definitely has to improve to be able to reach a global market.
Btw, the guys over Unified are simply great 😉

Best regards, if you want to, don’t hesitate to contact me.

If its real, im gunna buy one before it goes out of business. but i need proof its real first…

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