T-Mobile G1 Android – the BAD

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Okay, so we’ve all seen the launch, we’ve waited for that moment for months. We watched every webcast that went live at the New York T-Mobile Launch of Android G1. We replayed every video showing the device in action and finally we’ve read every piece of news artical floating around. 

Its safe to assume that we have a pretty good idea of what G1 is all about. Its all great selling points, targets, T-Mobile data plans etc.. 

In this artical lets highlight some issues or potential troubling factors about this HTC manufactured Device. In other words, lets have some criticism! There can never be a perfect device and there better not be one!

We’ll list out the cons spread from superficial to deep. 

Device I guess its Okay, that wer getting this HTC phone that we saw many many months ago when android was a neonate and the device was a prototype. And after its launch, little has changed in the device or nothing has changed in the device. I wonder what HTC did other than having it out in 3 colors: black, white and dark brown.  Still I CAN LIVE WITH THIS

SCREEN: is no multitouch screen. Its been what? maybe two years since Apple iPhone’s out with its multitouch screen? And a year later, that tech is incorporated into its MacBook line ups (MBP and MBA). One would have certainly expected some similar technology. Still I CAN LIVE WITH THIS 

Aesthetics: Yea, we’ve been over this again and agan that HTC could’ve made a better looking device bla bla etc.. etc.. iPhone takes a bigger lead here. Phandroid.com says that device is actually alot nicer hands-on. But its a very lazy attempt at what could have been a powerful selling point being the _F_I_R_S_T_ ever Android Device. To a broader audience, organics are counted. STILL I CAN LIVE WITH THIS

HTC Propriety Jack. Lets face the truth here, HTC’s proprieties have been a mess, faced strong criticism from across the board. Uncountable complains. They call it HTC ExtUSB™ (11-pin mini-USB 2.0 and audio jack in one) [ source ]. My last worst experience with these proprieties was in HTC StrTrek which had all-in-one socket after 5months of use got loose and detached. BUT the name HTC ExtUSB seems new, maybe they’ve got something more stable here.. ( I dont know yet ) CANNOT LIVE WITH THIS

3.5mm AudioJack. Absence of which would be a problem for music lovers. However, there will be converters. Their function eventually goes back to patency of HTC Propriety Jack. STILL I CAN LIVE WITH THIS 


ANDROID  software problems I CAN LIVE WITH only because PlayStation 2 did what it did not because of Sony but because of third-party developers. Similar terms i stated earlier, android’s basic principles are what developers dream of.


  • No Video Player except YouTube. Is this simply to promote youtube? I dont know what you call a smartphone that lacks a First-party video playback app in 2008. Ofcourse developers are there to save us. But I rather have them not fill in the blanks, but create their own better space.
  • Locked to T-Mobile. It will be locked for 90 days after which customers will receive their unlocking code. This is clever on T-Mobile’s part. They realised that with an operating system like android, they dont wana provoke  developers. They’ll probably unlock it in weeks of its launch.
  • Sync Appz: None from the production house. But some are developing it. One of the problems ppl are gonna face is tethering it to your laptop to use internet. People in subways might need emergencies, like work on their ssh apps etc.. They’ll miss being able to use their mobiles as modems. ( DEPENDS ON YOUR JOB. Its a Problem You can/cannot live with!
Finally, something I Definitely CANNOT LIVE WITH.

Mats Lindoff, Sony Ericsson’s chief technology architect, said that the firm had been testing Android with prototype devices, and that Google’s was a ” holistic” approach.

“[But] to go with mass production and working with prototypes are two different things,” he explained. “If you want to give every service away to Google, then Android is the perfect solution.”

That statement [ via Yahoo News ] says it all in one line. Yess, Android is Open, but whats this about google trying to lock us into  all its services. Appearently, any new gmail account login would require hard-reset. This will be strongly retaliated by coding community and chances are,  they’ll win!


To summerise, G1 couldve been a better device. We dont expect android to have every tiny feature but we  do desire some native first-party apps that are necessary like an independent video player. Keep in mind, Google will keep something for a future update. I’ve deliberatly not included things like dataplan criticisms cuz this artical is more abt HTC-Android than T-Mobile. 

What’s more?

One things sure though, Android WILL Indeed Conquer a huge chuck out of the Nokia-Symbian combination. Nokia is known for its Non-touchscreen smartphones dominate in numbers around the world. Once other Device manufacturers tap into that space, we’ll see our android blazing through….    unless ofcourse Symbian-foundation does something even more radical 😉


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4 Responses to “T-Mobile G1 Android – the BAD”

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you mentioned ssh–weve already got that working right on the phone 🙂 no need to tether a laptop.

check out the awesome screenshots and console-sliding animation video:


thats good news!, gotta edit it out 🙂

The Google guys already mentioned in one of the videos that lack of multitouch was an IP issue, not a programming one.

Yeah, people complain about all touch phones not having multitouch now… seriously, you don’t think Apple has built massive patent fortresses around it?

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