T-Mobile G1 Android Initial thoughts

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All websites supporting or talking Android Mobile Operating system witnessed huge webhits on 23rd September 2008. For IMAndroid, it was 9 fold increase in webtraffic. That was the impact of the Launch of T-Mobile’s G1 powered by android. Clearly Anticiptaion and Expectations are all there. I’d like here to focus on the G1 Device itself more than Android as the secrets out. We havent had the chance to play with it, but we’ll quote some people who did and we’ll examine what we thought of the videos.

Lets dance..

HARDWARE: initial thoughts

A device as big as this, first thing you’ll obviously notice is the screen. 
3.2-inch TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive screen with 320 x 480 (HVGA) resolution
Lets Trust Phandroid.com here who say 

The resolution and quality on the screen seemed pretty amazing. From the default G1home screens to web browsing, the screen was very crisp and clear… a HUGE plus. This will be even more important when you’re using games, maps and applications on a daily basis. But my first experience with the screen was that it ROCKED

Touch Screen: I’ve watching the Browsing experience on “Chrome Lite”, I have to say that the response isnt as brisk as the iPhone’s, its certainly lagging behind a milisecond. This is in now way a reflection on the touch screen, its just a measure of backend response time. And bear in mind, i could be completely wrong here! Cuz i’ve had no hands-on experience.

Keyboard: Full Qwerty Slide out? T-Mobile/HTC have fulfilled our desires to continue to have some tactile sensation. However, phandroid says its not the best keyboard. And we’ll take their word for it!

RoundUP: Device looks a lot slick. Alot better than those glorious spy shots/videos we’ve been living on. Black color looks ok, equally the white one.

We’ll lay more stress in this section later.
AmazonMP3 takes on iTunes. Its a challenge that Apple shouldnt ignore.
Google Goodies. 



  1. Why do we gotta have a gmail account signed in? Critics call it yet another step by google to get personal with us.
  2. No Bluetooth stereo support. Theres no excuse for this. I cant believe why wouldnt HTC put it in. Its not like G1 is a record breaking tiny smartphone.
  3. Device Organics. HTC made touch diamond. I think its focus group is to be blamed here! 😉 But other sites seem to suggest it aint as bad as it looks.
  4. No 3.5mm Jack. Yet another blow….  I used HTC StrTrek windows smartphone. It also had a propriety all in one socket, lasted for abt 7 months, and collapsed completely. Hence this HTC  propriety input sock scares me.

  Anything more you can add..?

[ Quotes from phandroid ]


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